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Introduction/Welcome note

Welcome to Bengaluru By Cycle…on a bicycle!!

An ardent traveler will know this, and we always say, “To know the life in a place, travel by foot across the length and breadth of it!” Experience the unique life and cultures of Namma Bengaluru while you pedal your way through a seamlessly guided tour of our Garden City with your very own friendly Bengaluru By Cycle Team!

See it from the viewpoint of one of our customers here. (courtesy and credits to Lakshmi Thampi).

The Handle that steers

The three like-minded travel enthusiasts- Raghu, Shobita & Nithya integrated to bring this concept to the tourists of Bengaluru who are keen to visit the “REAL Bengaluru”

Raghu Gopala, A jolly good fella went around the city of Delhi, well, for business and he discovered the joy of travelling through the city with Delhi By Cycle way back in 2010! In 2016, he decided to bring the pleasure of the city on wheels to Namma Bengaluru!! An Engineer by profession, engrossed in his father’s manufacturing industry; this cycling enthusiast has now –Reinvented the way world sees Bengaluru!

Jack Leenaars,a Dutch travel enthusiast who rode his cycle on Delhi roads conceptualized this concept and has since then brought countless cycle+ travel fans to take a tour of the many ancient and historical parts of Delhi, those places mostly untouched by the traditional city tours.


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Delhi By Cycle

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Jack from DBC

Facts about the tour

Thanks for choosing our tours. Our tours revolve around the theme “Celebrating life, Celebrating India”. In our tours, you will typically see chaos, unorganised as well as calm, organised places. In all these places you will experience beautiful people, sounds and smell. You will see how cheerful and warm, people are regardless of their age, financial status and Challenges. Indians love to live in the moment with absolutely no goals. This is the reason we have themed our tours “Celebrating life, Celebrating India”.

Some things unique about Bengaluru:

  • A Bangalorean loves his Masala Dosa, Rava Idli, Bisibelebath etc (typical south Indian breakfasts)
  • A Bangalorean experiences rainfall/sunshine, cold weather/hot weather all in a single day
  • He loves to eat his food with his hand
  • He loves to have Kaapi (South Indian filter Coffee) several times a day
  • ‘Darshini’ is a unique concept to Bengaluru where restaurants with open kitchen serve fresh hot
  • Bengaluru still retains some of the best parks in India
  • All generation Bangaloreans think they lived (childhood days) in the best era
  • Like the rest of the Indians, Bangaloreans love watching movies. But Bangaloreans watch movies in at least 4 languages.

You will learn more interesting facts, stories about Bengaluru in the tours.